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Welcome to Kvinnherad, located between Stavanger/Haugesund in south and Bergen in north. Odda in east and Stord in west. Husnes, Sunde and Valen is by the entrance of Hardangerfjorden in Sunnhordland.


We have properties and accomodation both for rent and sale located in three different areas in Kvinnherad. These are Husnes, Sunde and Valen. In addition to this there are projects to be developed with others, such as:


- Industrial areas by the sea
- Accomodation
- Apartment buildings
- Real Estate
- Etc.


Valen by the sea - Apartment building Valen in Kvinnherad, considered sold.


Construction by the sea with apartments in which all overlook H°ylandsundet, Halsn°y and Stord. 16/19 apartments with private balconies.


The building consists of 19 apartments, many are upgraded. 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms.
(there are a total of 30 bedrooms in these 19 apartments).


Upgraded high speed Internet connection added to all apartments.

In context with the commenced sectioning we have produced drawings of interior spaces and the exterior facades.
There are many suggestions for site plan such as recycling center and approx. 30 parking lots.


Buildings, land and outside area is owned by a Norwegian Company and the company considered sold.

For more information: - near the sea - apartment

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Appendix to this, there is also very nice areas for wanderings on Valen.


Sunde is a 5 minute drive from Husnes.


Distances by car:
Rosendal - Husnes, 35 min
Odda - Husnes, 75 min
Haugesund - Husnes, 2 hours
Bergen - Husnes, 3,5 hours*
Stavanger - Husnes, 4 hours**
Oslo - Husnes, 6 hours
Kristiansand - Husnes, 6 hours
*car + 1 ferry, **car + 2 ferries.


Distance by coaster:
Leirvik - Sunde, 25 min
Haugesund - Sunde, 1,5 hour
Bergen - Sunde, 2,5 hours
Stavanger - Sunde, 2,5 hours