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Tiurvegen - Officially approved zoning for 56 new apartments


The center and surroundings of Husnes are under development. In the town center we've got a project with officially approved zoning. The project (photos below) will be part of the gateway to the "regional center" located in the south. It's important to us that the buildings have an aesthetic position and we focus on building good homes. We emphasize in the well being of our neighbors with the placement of the building.


Our project is located in the inner part of the town center focusing on short distances to all facilities for those who choose to live in Tiurvegen. The officially approved zoning is to put up two additional buildings next to the one that's already there. The plan is to implement a total renovation of the existing building. In our opinion this will be a huge lift for Husnes and the surrounding villages.


Our plan is to make apartments ranging from 50 m2 - 90 m2 The biggest ones will contain 2+ bedrooms. The plan is structured to give large outdoor areas for our residents.


The interest of staying in the town center, and particularly the town center of Husnes, has evolved along with the growth of the region.


The development of Husnes Storsenter (shopping/mall) has been a boost of dimensions. Mosvold Gruppen, Helle Eigedom and IF Storebrand have all invested in the growth and helped raised Husnes a notch to set a new standard of being a regional center.


The three villages Husnes, Sunde and Valen are about to grow together. The region grows, Husnes evolves and prices increase along with this.


Halsn°ysambandet, a tunnel under H°ylandssundet, opened 8th of march in 2008. This led to shorter travel time to various service facilities and jobs elsewhere in Kvinnherad for Halsn°ys 2500 residents. In june 2009 the decision to make Jondalstunnelen was set. This will cost 801.400.000,- NOK and the work is in progress. The new ferry dock on ┼rsnes has replaced the old one in L°fallstrand. Due to the shortage of housing in the town center of Husnes we're in the progress of making 56 apartments here.


Also under consideration are the construction phase 3/B3 (Tiurvegen) to be converted into a combined of commercial space in the 1st and 2nd floor, garage in the basement and apartments in the 3rd and 4th. We'll then create opportunities for elevator facilities from the garage in both B2 and B3.


Husnes will then have a shortage of parking spaces and especially parking garages. Due to this it will be neccessary to schedule garage spaces in the range of 2000 - 3000 m2. These will be reserved for the residents of Tiurvegen (B1/B2/B3).


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